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Dave Simpson - Dave (not a slave to fashion) Simpson, Offshore radio and Caroline North enthusiast worked on the original Caroline North roadshows. He became involved in the Merseyside land-based pirate stations back in 1972 and Irish stations during the early '80s. He joined Laser during the summer of 2000 and enjoys mostly rock orientated music from the 60s/70s/80s and especially Merseybeat. Dave still wears psychedelic 60s shirts ! Dark glasses are advised unless viewing from a distance. Check out his show for lots of classic tracks and a few you probably have not heard for a good few years.


Ian Lawrence - Ian likes to bring you his dance music show 'penthouse bangers' which also goes out on Laser Dance. With years of experience in radio you can sometimes hear Ian playing a more mainstream music variety on Sundays with the rest of the Laser crew. Contact Ian on Twitter @ianlawrence48

See Ian's webcam on Mixcloud Live (when active)


Jim Richman - is a former disc jockey on Radio Caroline, with a wealth of experience. After leaving Caroline in 1966, he acquired a residency at the Marquee club in Wardour Street, London, gaining a three year contract. After leaving the Marquee he went on the road and went self-employed as a DJ. In 1977 he went into radio again with the Guildford Hospital Radio Station, Radio Lion which closed down in April 2014. Jim was with them right up to their close down date. Jim also works for various internet stations & does a regular week show on Radio Seagull and on Radio Hillingdon (Hospital radio). 

He also worked for Radio Jackie 1984-85 Hayes FM then once again was asked back to Radio Caroline 2005-2009, Jim is now freelance. Jim says "I like working in radio because it's what I do best, and hopefully the listener does too. In my shows I try to achieve originality". Jim now works freelance and is very pleased to be working with on Laser Hot Hits


Martin Leech - I worked as a mobile DJ with The Road Runner Disco in and around the London area also in some clubs and pubs through the 70's, 80's into the early 90's. In the late 80's I worked on the Essex Radio Soul Night Special doing the warm-up slot for the live radio jocks. In 1971 I joined the team at Hospital Radio Barking had regular shows and eventually took charge of the station for 3 years until around 1987. In  December 2011 - I joined internet radio station  Radio Northsea International and got my first show on Christmas Day 2011. In 2013 started Live shows on a Sunday afternoon with the successful Sunday Evening Music Mix from 5-7pm every Sunday evening, working alongside my co-presenter Wendy. I also presented a popular Friday evening show, The Chill-down Zone. At the same time as working on RNI, I was also recording shows for Swinging Radio England. 

In June 2021 Wendy and myself left RNI and SRE.  The second week of July 2021, Wendy and myself joined the team of the shortwave legend Laser Hot Hits International, to present our Sunday Evening Music Mix. See Martin & Wendy's live webcam when online.

Wendy Leech - Having always enjoyed good music, I was very happy to join Martin when he commenced his live Sunday show on Radio Northsea International, in 2013.  At that time, I was working behind the scenes, monitoring the emails and requests that came in for the show and compiling the Featured Artist information.  Around 2017, I became more involved with the show as a co-presenter, reading the emails received and relaying information on the tracks being played. I am looking forward to joining the team, here at Laser Hot Hits International and supporting Martin through our live Sunday show, each week.


Martin Scott - is a man dedicated to dance music. Martin also plays the current pop hits of the day bringing you right up to date and he has a wide range of classic oldies too. It's true what they say - Martin Scott, he's got he lot.


Mike Andrews - Laser's master of cool. Mike plays only genuinely classic tracks and the best new music, the king of the short-waves!  Mike welcomes your ideas on tunes to play & suggestions for future shows, as well as requests for particular records, dedications, etc. More mellow music with Mike Andrews.


Nigel James - Nigel is (in)famous for being able to build almost any electronic device, some of which have nearly worked! He cannot RESIST a challenge, but his
CAPACITANCE for completing projects successfully appears to have been SHORT-CIRCUITED!! 
An avid fan of both Max Bygraves & Kylie Minogue, Nigel's choice in music is as wide as a whale's vocabulary. Anything from HOT CHART HITS thru' CLASSIC GOLD and DANCE TUNES is sure to get a spin or two on the Nigel James show. When not on Laser or in his workshop, Nigel can often be seen in local parks feeding the ducks & exchanging Pokemon cards with other collectors.


Peter Bakker  - the man born in Holland, lives in Germany, and plays music for Laser Hot Hits International. Peter began his DJ career with a small Dutch pirate station in 1984, (Den Heder Radio), where he made radio programmes there for three years. Later, Peter worked for 18 years at a legal local station, L.O.S. Radio - Den Helder, making 850 shows, under the title "Dune Tunes" In 2006 he emigrated to Germany, and made his home in a small place called Rhauderfehn. For nearly six years, Peter also produced shows for FehnRadio, a German internet radio station. Peter has also been a DJ for RNI's German service for nearly 4 years, and presents a weekly show called "Ship of Memories". In 2014 Peter started on Swinging Radio England, and in May of that year, he started to make pre-recorded shows for the station, followed by "Live" shows for 3 days per week and now on Laser Hot Hits International every Tuesday evening 7 - 10 pm UK Time. "Laser hot Hits International Forever - We love music"


Rob WalkerRob has been a DJ for “far too long” – according to his family, even though he keeps telling them you can’t get enough of a good thing. His live show “A Better Music Mix” can be heard every Monday and Wednesday from 8.00pm, on Laser, and features predominantly upbeat hits from past decades and the odd track from today. Rob can just about remember listening to the pirate stations in the sixties and Radio Luxemburg via his transistor radio under the bed covers. This is in itself is a miracle as he often struggles to remember what he did yesterday. Soul Music generally and its various forms are his “musical passion” although he enjoys and appreciates most forms of music. Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” is his favourite album of all time, as the lyrics are as relevant today as they were when it was originally released in 1971.If you would like a dedication, or a particular track played, please feel free to get in touch with Rob, via the contact details provided in his show.


Stewart Ross - This guy's a genius! He's the voice of many of Laser's fruity voice-overs and jingle ID's. Stewart is Laser's own master of the mini-disc. He is responsible for most of Laser's production work & is often busy scripting & editing commercials, promos, etc. Stewart enjoys all kinds of music - and shares a passion for Euro-Rock and Euro-Beat with some of our own DJ's. Stewart presents his own show, whenever personal & professional commitments allow him to do so. Listen out.. You'll be impressed!


Tony Johnson - profile coming soon.