Laser Hot Hits International

The Shortwave Legend

Under reconstruction

Chris Williams - To be updated

Dave Simpson - Dave (not a slave to fashion) Simpson, Offshore radio and Caroline North enthusiast worked on the original Caroline North roadshows. He became involved in the Merseyside landbased pirate stations back in 1972 and Irish stations during the early '80s. He joined Laser during the summer of 2000 and enjoys mostly rock orientated music from the 60s/70s/80s and especially Merseybeat. Dave still wears psychedelic 60s shirts ! Dark glasses are advised unless viewing from a distance. Check out his show for lots of classic tracks and a few you probably have not heard for a good few years.

DJ Mandy - To be updated

Gary Drew - Gary has over 36 years experience in radio and is remembered mostly for his days on the London soul pirates on the FM band during the mid 80's and early 90's. With a dedicated passion for jazz - funk and soul, Gary revives this format by playing the mainstream tunes of the era and the lesser known tracks as well. We say thanks for the memories and long live alternative music.

Ian Lawrence - To be updated

Martin Scott - To be updated

Mike Andrews - Laser's master of cool. Mike plays only genuinely classic tracks and the best new music, the king of the short-waves!  Mike welcomes your ideas on tunes to play & suggestions for future shows, as well as requests for particular records, dedications, etc. More mellow music with Mike Andrews.

Nigel James - Nigel is (in)famous for being able to build almost any electronic device, some of which have nearly worked! He cannot RESIST a challenge, but his 
CAPACITANCE for completing projects successfully appears to have been SHORT-CIRCUITED!!  
An avid fan of both Max Bygraves & Kylie Minogue, Nigel's choice in music is as wide as a whale's vocabulary. Anything from HOT CHART HITS thru' CLASSIC GOLD and DANCE TUNES is sure to get a spin or two on the Nigel James show. When not on Laser or in his workshop, Nigel can often be seen in local parks feeding the ducks & exchanging Pokemon cards with other collectors. 

Rob Walker - To be updated

Stewart Ross - This guy's a genius! He's the voice of many of Laser's fruity voice-overs and jingle ID's. Stewart is Laser's own master of the mini-disc. He is responsible for most of Laser's production work & is often busy scripting & editing commercials, promos, etc. Stewart enjoys all kinds of music - and shares a passion for Euro-Rock and Euro-Beat with our own Chris Williams. Stewart presents his own show, whenever personal & professional commitments allow him to do so. Listen out.. You'll be impressed!

Tony James - Tony James is the DJ that loves to surprise us all! His barrel of tunes is just so deep.. even Tony can never be sure of what is in there! With musical treats from the 60's and epic extravaganzas from the 70's, the Tony James' show is more action-packed than Flipper on Prozac.. Miss it if you dare!  Tony gets his musical inspiration from his hero & iconic soul-mate, Austin Powers. In fact, many have commented upon the striking similarity between these two men of mystery… not only in terms of their dress sense!