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Hi Laser, greetings from NL. Thanks for the great music as always. Long may you run. I noticed your station is no longer available in my country on SONOS via TuneIn. What happened with this station? How can i get it back to play on TuneIn and Sonos?

Receiving your program on 6839 Khz in moderate quality yesterday . Good music from the 70s and 80s, but fading and QRM. Thx for the program and 73 from Germany.

essage from Cathy
Hi everyone just want to say hello and say what a lovely radio station laser is shaun got me on to u guys because he said what great people u are and he said its like a family i listen to all the live shows with martin wendy rob jim nigel and stewart and peter I remember shaun in the 90s used to listen to the music machine shaun is a great person i known him since we was kids and he's my rock . So please. Look after him

I love u guys great people and great radio station hope to see u all soon till tons of love ❤️. From. Australia to u guys love Cathy 💜♥️💜💜💜

Laserhot hits is the best online streaming radio station. Been loving this since 2009.

I discovered your station in Greece on the 75-metre band. Keep rocking!

Laser SW Still the best free radio station by far. I listen every opportunity here in the Philippines. Great selection of shows on Mixcloud. Keep it up guys and girls. love and Peace.

Loving Laser, specially Martin and Wendy's show

Great Bank Holiday broadcast a few mondays ago - great music all day sunday and monday . Laser really does play the best music

Listened to Laser Hot Hits for many years, but especially now you have Martin and Wendy on a Sunday. Love how you are doing the news recently with the Laser 558 bed and tweeting noises in and out of the news.
Keep up the good work.

Listening to you on my 'test DAB MUX' and sounding great!

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